Appliance Loans


Using Installment and Personal Loans for Appliances

Recent reports say it all: “Worldwide shipments of home appliances are projected to reach 611 million units by year-end, up 4.8 percent from 2013.” Everyone needs dishwashers, refrigerators and even washer/dryers. The problem is they are incredibly expensive—and so are the credit card rates that are offered by the stores that sell the merchandise. With West Bay Cash, you can get access to the money you need to finance the major appliance you need. Through our network of lenders, you can get access to up to $20,000 through an installment loan for your major appliance purchase. With an installment or personal loan after you are approved electronically, our lenders will work with you to electronically debit your bank account for the amount you owe in installments. So the set amount of money you owe will come out in controllable payments.

Dishwasher, Refrigerator and Appliance Loans

Instead of constantly battling with dishwashers breaking and refrigerators going warm, get the funding you need for your major appliance through an installment loan from West Bay Cash. With sales in major appliances expected to climb to 7.1 percent in 2014, up from 5.9 percent last year, this industry is active and there are sales waiting for you. Get the installment loan for your major appliance today through West Bay Cash.

Major appliances that could be purchased with cash from an installment or personal loan:

  • Freezer Loans
  • Refrigerator Loans
  • Water Cooler Loans
  • Stove Loans
  • Microwave Oven Loans
  • Washing Machine Loans
  • Clothes Dryer Loans
  • Dishwasher Loans
  • Air Conditioner Loans
  • Water Heater Loans
  • Computer Loans
  • Television Loans
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